Working from home is such a joy. The flexibility. The (relative) freedom. No commute. No 9 ’til 5. But is your work space everything you deserve it to be? It’s far too easy to neglect your home office space, so here are a few tips to make it work that little bit harder for you.

This sounds obvious, but make sure you allocate a space. No more dining table or sofa. This is even more important if you aren’t able to dedicate a separate room to it. Whether its a little nook, the spare room or a space on the landing, make sure you claim it for your own. It helps stop the work/home blur and ensures you have a proper space to focus in.

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Sometimes you have to make-do, but if you can, invest in the important pieces. You spend a lot of time sat at your desk, so it needs to be comfy. But don’t feel you have to be restricted to conventional office furniture. As long as it offers the comfort and support you need to sit there for long periods, be as creative as you like.

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Good designs work aesthetically and practically. This is all the more important in a work space. So be realistic about storage and filing requirements. You might love a minimal look and think you can make do with limited storage provision. But if the reality is a “minimal” look with papers all over the floor, it doesn’t look or feel so great. Good storage doesn’t need to be expensive. Be creative; try adding some rustic wooden shelves for texture and to avoid a corporate feel.

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Good ambient and task lighting is essential for work spaces. Find a funky desk lamp, and have fun with some feature lighting too. Work the industrial vibe with simple wire cage pendants, be playful with string lights, or make a statement with a gorgeous glass pendant like below.

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It’s no secret that I love sheepskins but there’s no easier way to add softness, warm and texture to a space. Just adding a rug makes a work space more homely. And a throw over your office chair makes it just that little bit more inviting.

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No one wants to work in a sterile space. Make it personal; style it up. Add a photo gallery wall or frame a couple of those pictures your little one brought back from school. Buy that cool stationary and add some plants. It’ll brighten up your office, and your day. And if it helps to justify it, remember it’s for work!

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